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This is a 6-week pre-marital course for Christians and non-Christians designed to prepare couples for a healthy, fulfilling and blessed marriage life. Couples learn about Marriage, Building a Home, Communication, Finances and Sex to mention just a few. Couples may register for the programme even when there is no date for the marriage/wedding set as yet.

Registration and payment for this course entitles the couple to six group sessions, two private sessions with a marriage counsellor to discuss personal and relational issues before marriage, and one private session with the Counsellor/Officiating Pastor as well as one post marriage session with the marriage counsellor.

If you would like to attend the class, please fill in the Pre-Marital Counselling Intake Form. For information on marriage solemnization or if you have any queries please contact the office.

Tel: 011 976 0600/1



PLEASE NOTE: Registering and completing the HRM premarital counselling programme DOES NOT OBLIGATE HRM to Solemnize/Bless your marriage.

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