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This is a marriage enrichment course designed to strengthen a marital relationship. The course addresses issues relating to the “Covenant of Marriage” as well as present opportunities for couples to fill each other’s “Emotional Tanks”.

The course is ideal for couples who have been married for five (5) years or longer and want to bring back Godly qualities to their marriage. Registration and payment for this course also entitles the couple to one private session with a marriage counsellor to discuss any other personal and relational issues.


This is a 6-week pre-marital course for Christians and non-Christians designed to prepare couples for a healthy, fulfilling and blessed marriage life. Couples learn about Marriage, Building a Home, Communication, Finances and Sex to mention just a few. Couples may register for the programme even when there is no date for the marriage/wedding set as yet.

Registration and payment for this course entitles the couple to six group sessions, two private sessions with a marriage counsellor to discuss personal and relational issues before marriage, and one private session with the Counsellor/Officiating Pastor as well as one post marriage session with the marriage counsellor.

If you would like to attend the class, please fill in the Pre-Marital Counselling Intake Form. For information on marriage solemnization or if you have any queries please contact the office.

Tel: 011 976 0600/1



PLEASE NOTE: Registering and completing the HRM premarital counselling programme DOES NOT OBLIGATE HRM to Solemnize/Bless your marriage.


Recovery dynamics seeks to help people to heal from the impact of divorce. This facilitated group programme creates an opportunity for divorced individuals to deal with the hurt of a failed relationship.

This is accomplished through a friendly, caring group of people who walks alongside each other in this difficult experience. Recovery dynamics is open to both men and women who wants to move on after divorce.

For more information please contact the office.

Tel: 011 976 0600/1


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